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THANK YOU NATALIE STOVALL for making our week – probably our month!

Visit Natalie’s blog!



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Natalie Stovall – the opening act at the Josh Gracin concert – was AMAZING!

As most of you know – I love Emerson Drive and they put on a live version of “Devil Went Down to Georgia” that is incredible! I can honestly say that Natalie rivals the likes of Emerson Drive and their live show! I would love to see them together!

I had to run home to get my long lens – and am so happy I did!

I posted my pictures on my website here and then on facebook.

Natalie saw my pictures on facebook and is using my picture from the concert as her profile picture!


I am so excited!

Thanks Natalie!

She will be in Williamsport on May 1st – Friday – if anyone would like to come with!


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Last night we went to yet another concert – Natalie Stovall opened for Josh Gracin – the line was much shorter than David Cook – and the weather much warmer!





Natalie was AWESOME – she plays the fiddle – something I would give my arm to be able to do …








Josh Gracin was great – so down to earth! I was so glad that he sang Stay With Me – I LOVE that song!







I LOVE that last picture!


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Thursday night we went to a David Cook concert at MU – I should have bought his music beforehand – but other than not knowing his songs – he was good!

I didn’t bring my camera with me b/c with my “luck” lately – it would have broken – and my second camera is still out for repairs – expect a blog soon about that whole incident!

Jared brought his point and shoot – and I had to borrow it for a few shots – some of the following pictures are mine – but some of them belong to Jared too!














I didn’t get the perfect pictures I was wishing for – but I think they turned out pretty good for the point and shoot!

April 2nd we are going to see Josh Gracin at MU!


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Friday night we dropped off Schrute with Jared’s parents and went to the NCA basketball game before heading to my parents in Athens to stay the night. Our wake-up call was 4 AM to catch the 7.20 AM bus in Scranton heading to NYC!

We thought for sure we would sleep on the way to the bus station – but no luck. Jared, PM, my cousin Matt, my Aunt L, and I were so excited to get en route to see CHICAGO! The bus ride down was good – we watched Gran Torino – the new Clint Eastwood movie – luckily the volume was a little “wonky” during the first half so I missed out on all the swearing – good thing! It is a good movie – great message – and the best part was – it is a brand new movie and we got to see it for free – granted it was on a tiny little screen – but still!

We arrived at the bus station a little after 9 and grabbed breakfast. Then we ventured out on the streets of NYC! We hit the M & M store – where we saw every color imaginable and a $3000 diamond-encrusted jacket for the ULTIMATE M & M lover!


Aunt L met Morgan Freeman


at the wax museum …

We walked up to Central Park and got some pictures on the edge!




PM had mentioned that the APPLE store is close to Central Park – so we HAD to go in and check it out – Jared was in HEAVEN!


We saw the computer that I am going to get soon – and a new iPod – that Jared wants to get soon.

We walked through a fur protest at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.

We managed to make it back to CHICAGO early and stand in line waiting for the doors to open – it was COLD!

Our seats were in the upper balcony – second row – in a VERY tight fit!

The show started and I was shocked that there was not much room on the stage – since they had the entire band on the stage as well. It was a good show – but not great – I was expecting something of BROADWAY proportions – and I thought that the movie version was MUCH better!



Melora Hardin – Jan on The Office – was playing the part of Roxie Hart – so that was AWESOME to see – since we had met her at The Office CONVENTION!

After the show we went to the NBC store to get a DUNDER MIFFLIN beanie and scarf but they were all sold out – so we got the next best thing – A DOG LEASH for Schrute – which is so fitting since he is named after Dwight Schrute on The Office! There were tons of great shirts too – but not for the price they wanted!

Then we went back to the train station to grab dinner and wait for the bus back to Scranton! The ride home was not non-stop so we did not have a movie waiting – which was all the better since we were all TIRED! We made it to Scranton shortly after 9.30 and then started the 2 hour ride back to my parents and then the hour ride back to Mansfield – PM dropped us off at about 12.45 AM – made for a long day – BUT A FUN DAY!

CHICAGO didn’t turn out to be the show I thought it would be – but we had great company!

Sunday after chuch we celebrated Jared’s dad’s birthday with lunch and then picked up Schrute – who was so excited to see us! Jared helped me move my office downstairs and set up a new room for Rutie.

I’ll post new pictures of my office space soon!

Strings of Joy.

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If you enjoy good music, a good message and the chance to partner with God to make good things happen, you won’t want to miss the Strings of Joy: Threads of Inspiration concert taking place at Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church Saturday, October 18 at 7:30pm.  This concert, which features the musical talents of local favorites Chuck Stringham and Joy Cooke, also highlights the blessings brought into many lives through adoption.

On Saturday, October 18th, Chuck and Joy will take the stage at Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church to share an inspirational message of God’s love and work in their lives.  Standing with them will be the Moody Family: Steve, Heather, Grace, Maya, and Eli, the Moody’s son through adoption.  Steve and Heather experienced both highs and lows throughout their adoption journey, and on October 18th they’ll relay some of the inspiration they received from God on their way to find Eli.

In addition to the inspiring music that will be shared that night, Meagan Nowacoski will present a moving monologue of adoption from a child’s perspective.  If you’ve ever thought of adopting, or would like the chance to make a difference either through your own adoption or by supporting others who feel called to adopt, please attend this concert.  A love offering will be taken, with all proceeds benefiting Michael and Leslie Roche as they prepare to adopt in the summer of 2009.

For more information about the Strings of Joy: Thread of Inspiration concert, contact the event organizer at 570-882-9716, or check the church’s website at  This concert is a combined effort of the Bentley Creek Wesleyan Church and the Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church.  Mt. Pisgah Wesleyan Church is located ½ mile south of Springfield Road on the Berwick Turnpike, East Smithfield, PA.

That was written by my Aunt L. Mike and Leslie are my cousins – her niece and nephew – and we are so excited about the adoption.

Aunt L asked me to shoot the promotional photos for the concert.






Chuck – Joy – L – thanks so much – I had a GREAT time with you guys- Let’s pray that God brings great things through this concert – both for the body of Christ and for Mike and Leslie.

Skate Fest & Seize The Rock.

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Saturday night our church held a concert with Manafest and Fireflight. Before the concert there was a free skate park in the parking lot of the church. God gave us a beautiful day.















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Earlier this month Matt, Johna, Jared, and I went to a concert at MU by Lady Antebellum. Last year we saw Emerson Drive (who I adore and just happen to put on an incredible show) at MU and thought, why not these guys. Emerson Drive always rocks the house for me, but these guys put on an incredible show too.

Here are some of my favorites of Emerson Drive …


This one is courtesy of Kyla S. I am on the far left and Samm, my sister, is the one singing into the mic.


This one has horrible quality but is the first picture of me and Samm taken with Emerson Drive as a group.


Brad, the lead singer.


David, the fiddler.


This one is one of my all-time favorites from the summer Samm and I followed Emerson Drive throughout the Northeast.

And now, Lady Antebellum.







If you get the chance to see either band … GO. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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