*L* – 6 MONTHS

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I love photographing this family!

This is my favorite session so far with this family! It’s a long post – I couldn’t pick a favorite!


Oh. My. Heart. I cannot stand the cuteness.

That sky is very real. And very gorgeous!

Oh – and Fitzy tagged along! He’s too much!


Arica & Nate – thanks for dealing with the crazy weather and a photo bombing Fitzy! I just LOVED this session! See you SOON!


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In early October – we met up with Craig Griffin and exchanged sessions!

I LOVED the photos I shot for them – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones we got from Craig!

(He’s CRAZY busy with weddings – so these are just the few that he sent us quick. I have no idea if there are more or not – but these ones are already on my wall!)

That might be my favorite picture of Jared and I – EVER!

While life continues to throw us curves – we are happy and loved. Ten years of marriage – two beautiful boys.

I may have gone overboard and ordered several – as in 6 – wall mounted prints. Big ones. BUT – they look AWESOME!

Craig & Sarah – thanks again for meeting up! I’m so glad we were able to swap! We LOVE them!!


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In early October – my friend Missy and I took our boys apple picking!

Isn’t he a sweetie!

And this guy – he’s a darling.

And that guy – he’s a doll! Thanks for coming along Missy – we had a GREAT day!


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Doing the God sightings session with Mara inspired to me look a little closer – arrive a little early – come home a few minutes late.

Just to see the beauty.

Take the time to look around!


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Our friend – and youth pastor – Mara asked me to take the kids on a God sighting walk – find beauty in your surroundings. Find beauty in the unusual.

I had to bring the boys with me – LOOK AT THOSE FACES!

It’s been years – YEARS – since I took pictures of anything other than my kiddos or clients. It. Was. Awesome.

COMPASSION IS THE ONLY ANSWER. A little gem we found. And I need this reminder. Multiple times a day!

Look for the beauty – all you need to do is open your eyes!


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My sweetest boys.

Look at him!

That face – that sweet smile. There are days I look at him and have to remind myself that he’s three – not ten. He’s so smart – he has a phenomenal memory. He wants to help – with everything. He’s strong willed and stubborn. He’s dramatic and loud. He’s my sweet boy.

And this guy – a doll. He is starting to show a temper and a strong will. He is walking more than not. He loves to see his brother first thing in the morning. He’s chatting up a storm. He’s sweet and cuddly. He loves high fives! He’s my happy guy.

Brothers – I love watching their bond grow!


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This is the 3rd time I’ve met with the *F* family for their annual pictures! I can’t describe the feelings of being YOUR photographer. It’s awesome. It’s honoring. I really love it.

I loved meeting up with you guys! I probably won’t even recognize your boys next year!


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I took Lexi’s senior pictures – and was SO excited when her sister Jourdyn scheduled with me!


We ended up with an absolutely GORGEOUS night!

The last shots are almost always my favorite – and this session was no exception!

Jourdyn – thanks again for scheduling your senior session with me! I had a great time!


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I took Holly’s wedding pictures in 2008 and have been taking pictures of their little boy for the past several years!

I was SO happy for her when she told me they were expecting again! TWINS!

They are only about a month younger than Enoch!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shots!!!

And of course – my kiddos HAD to be in the pictures too!

Holly & Matt – thanks SO much for bringing your sweet boys over! Can’t wait to get together!


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My Enoch guy – when he was 10 months old!

He LOVES apples! And since I’m not fond of this whole solid food thing – it’s great therapy for me!


They love each other – a lot!

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