There are so many photos that I loved, but I especially loved a photo of my great grandma and myself after the ceremony. We weren’t sure that she would be able to attend, but Danielle captured a sweet picture of Jake and my great grandma, as well as myself and her. I will always treasure those photos, as my great grandma has always been such a light in my life, and such a positive person in my family.

Danielle made everyone feel very comfortable! She was so laid back and had such positive energy, which made us feel so comfortable - we knew we were in good hands!!

I hope we are able to use Danielle for other exciting life events in the future. I would definitely recommend barden photography to others! Thank you again for the amazing photos, Danielle!!!

Maddy & Jake - September 2019
Amazing photos, down for anything, and not pushy on the big day!

I have too many favorite wedding photos! That's how great Danielle is! I love the close-ups of my husband and I. They look natural, not posed.

She took amazing candid shots and captured all of the emotions of the day. She got all of the important shots and took shots of the little details and did not need direction from us. She knew what to do!

Danielle was very laid back and fun. She knew what to look for to get amazing shots, even details that we didn't notice. She took amazing candid shots and did not rely on posing all day to get breath-taking pictures. I especially love the candid pictures she took right after the ceremony of my husband and I talking/ hugging our parents. The action shots she got of the kids at the reception were amazing as well.

Our portraits are fabulous! I really am not a fan of posed pictures, she knew just how to pose us so we looked great without having those posed faces. She was so quick with the shots and poses that we couldn't believe she got all of those amazing shots in no time. Everything seemed and felt effortless and we have the best pictures I have ever seen.

Danielle was so cool that she even allowed us to pose with our revolvers, something very special to my husband and I. (We showed her they were not loaded and asked her before hand) She wanted to take these pictures for us because it was special to us and she had some great ideas!

She was so helpful on the wedding day too! The bustle on my dress was difficult to do and she bustled my dress for me. She is someone who makes the day easier, not stressful!

We love our pictures and so does our family. We all look at them all the time! I would definitely recommend her and we would love to use her again for other important occasions. I can't say enough good things about barden photography! I told Danielle that I am not an emotional person, I didn't even cry on the wedding day but I did when I saw her pictures, worth every penny!

I had a list of family members that we needed pictures of. Danielle knew when to take what pictures. For example, we wanted to get a shot of us with our grandmothers. Danielle suggested that we take those shots right after the ceremony while our grandmothers were close to us so they didn't have to walk to the area where we took pictures with the rest of our family. She was quick and got amazing pictures of us and our family.

Jill - July 2017
Danielle gave us exactly what we wanted; relaxed, romantic and attentive!

My favorite photo is the moment after we got married or that we both realized we were married! Danielle captured our exact, raw, emotions, a priceless, timeless memory of our joy!

Danielle gently and purposefully guided my entire family through our our day. She was phenomenal with the candid moments and our family’s children!

Danielle gently but expertly guided my entire family. She offered creative photo opportunities that were efficient to avoid delay from the day’s natural flow of events.

Claire - September 2018
Danielle was so fun to work with and produced stunning pictures!

We got some photos in the woods, which ended up being gorgeous. Also, our rainbow pictures were beautiful!

Danielle seemed to be everywhere at once, without making it feel like she was in the way. So many great candids. She is also very creative with her portrait shots! Such a creative eye.

Danielle was so friendly and knew how to make everyone smile and have fun for pictures!

Victoria & Jeremiah - May 2019
Danielle is the best photographer in the area!!

My favorite photos from my wedding day are ones that were taken on my first look with my dad! The memories she captured in that moment were amazing!

Danielle is always around, but is definitely not in the way! All the shots that she photographed were phenomenal!

Danielle sends ALL, and I mean ALL, the photos to you not long after the wedding! We won a free engagement session with Danielle through attending an expo at the Penn Wells in Wellsboro! As soon as I saw the photos from our engagement session, I knew she was the girl I needed for my wedding!

I feel so comfortable and natural with Danielle and so did my entire family! We’re not the quietest bunch, and by a special request from my husband and I, we had big family pictures taken with many relatives of all ages on each sides of our family! Needless to say, scrambling everyone around for a decent family photo isn’t easy, and she did it with ease and humor!

Kate - July 2019
I have reached the conclusion that I will never be able to pick just one favorite photo from our wedding. We had two amazing photographers on our wedding day (a decision I’ll never regret) and Danielle and Carrie worked so well together. Nevertheless, there are definitely some standout pictures – the “first touch” photo before our ceremony, the first dance dip (completely unplanned, by the way), and the photos of my husband and I sitting on the grass in the vineyard. There are SO MANY wonderful photos, both candid and posed. Danielle is so quick with the posed photos, too. She knows how to organize the bridal party, the parents, whoever, get the right shot, and get them back to the celebration. No time is wasted. She knows how to control a group of people, giving straightforward guidance all the while being friendly.

Danielle is a genuine person. A genuine, raw, person. Her personality helps your photos to come out genuine and raw. She’s not your typical photographer – so if you’re looking for all the Pinterest-y things, maybe she’s not for you. But if you’re looking for someone to capture a moment in your life – the REAL moment, whatever that may be - your senior pictures, your engagement, your wedding day, she will capture it in such a way that isn’t forced. Isn’t fake. She helps make it unique, she helps make it YOU.

Danielle makes you feel comfortable. Taking pictures with her isn’t meant to be some big to-do. She’s not there to stress you out, to make you nervous. She’ll give you guidance (especially if you’re me and ask for it), but she really just wants you to do your thing and capture it through the camera. Danielle is very attentive, without being invasive. She shares the moment with you – I remember her excitedly coming up next to me and showing me the back of the camera screen - revealing a few photos we had just taken, completely reassuring me and allowing me to relax that much more. Danielle uses her own natural talent to guide, direct and assist in taking your photos, but she isn’t afraid to hear your ideas, either. Danielle documented one of the best days of my life and I will forever cherish the photos she captured. Thank you, Danielle!!

Barbie - September 2016
My husband and I wanted a small intimate wedding and needed a photographer fast because we only had about 2 months to plan! I was so hopeful Danielle would be available and she was!!

God is so good! I fell in love with her work years ago when I saw pictures she took of her brother, they were so AMAZING. Danielle was quick to respond and made me feel comfortable with our arrangements.

I expressed to her our feelings about not spending a lot of money on our wedding and explained to her what we wanted. It didn't matter to her how much time we hired her for and she gave great advice when trying to figure the time frame out! Danielle captured such precious moments from our wedding on July 28th, in what seemed, an effortlessly way!!!

She has such a natural talent!!! She knew what I wanted and blew my mind! Friends and family can't get over her amazing talent! She was so creative with many of our pictures and that's what I wanted! I cannot pick a favorite! I absolutely love them all. She made us feel so comfortable! My husband told her he hates doing pictures but she made him feel fabulous, we all laughed and had a great time during the pictures.

She is so upbeat and positive, how could you not feel comfortable!! I will always use barden photography and not only recommend her but give her talent to my friends with gift certificates!! Thank you for being you Danielle!

Noreen - July 2018
Danielle Barden of Barden Photography is the absolute best!!

She takes the most breathtaking and unique photos I have ever seen. She photographed our wedding and we loved the images so much that we hired her to take our maternity and newborn photos also!

It is almost impossible to pick our favorite photos because they are all so beautiful but the black & white photos in the rock garden might be the best!!

Danielle was everywhere without anyone even noticing. She managed to capture every special, funny and emotional moment without even knowing that she was there. She is so extremely creative and truly has an eye for beauty. My husband and I felt so comfortable with her and we were on the same page as far as a vision for our photographs.

Danielle fit in with our family like a family friend we had known for years. I had numerous family members and friends compliment her and her ability to be stealth-like but approachable and friendly at the same time! Danielle went above and beyond being a photographer. One example was, we had gone to the rock garden to take photos and my lace dress managed to pick up EVERYTHING on the ground. She stood with my husband and I and helped us pick all the leaves and wood out of my dress before I went back into the reception. We felt so comfortable with her!

She is punctual, reliable and one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met. She makes us feel so comfortable and confident and it truly shows through in our photos. She listened to any requests we had for photos and I could not have asked for more beautiful wedding photos and she also captured some of the most wonderful candid photos at our reception.

She has an eye for things that you would never think of and not a single moment was missed in her photographs. We highly recommend Barden Photography.

Cassie - June 2017
Danielle has known me since I was a little girl with curls! We both attended the same church growing up. We first reconnected when she did my senior pictures for me. When Danielle found out I was engaged, she messaged me letting me know that she was a wedding photographer so I should keep her in mind and if I needed any recommendations on venues to let her know. Little did she know, I already had my heart set on asking her to take my wedding photos.

I’ve always admired Danielle’s style and her photographer’s eye. Danielle has a true passion for photography and her work shows just that. It’s also why I can’t pick just one favorite picture from the day. Danielle made both my husband and I feel so comfortable on our wedding day. Often we didn’t even realize she was there. Others even commented, on how smoothly Danielle helped things to go and that she was a calming presence among the chaos of the day. Danielle not only helped with the pictures, she also knew how to put the boutonnieres on and helped with little details.

Danielle ensured that I got all of the pictures that I had asked for prior to the wedding and even got more creative than I imagined with some of the ideas, which was awesome!

Because I trusted Danielle, I was willing to get grass stains on my dress from sitting in a field and sprinkles on my dress (after she willingly agreed to get pictures of my husband and I getting ice cream after the reception). My dress can be cleaned and most importantly the memories that Danielle was able to capture will last a lifetime.

They say your wedding day is a blur and you don’t remember much from the day and I’d agree. But looking through the memories Danielle captured, I’m able to relive the best day of my life.

Sarah - June 2018
Danielle Barden has been there to capture all of the major events in my life. My senior pictures, "just because", engagement and most importantly my wedding day. Honestly, I would never NOT be able to use her now. Unfortunately, I moved about an hour away but still planning on coming to her when my husband and I become expecting parents.

Danielle was made to do this job. She is so easy to talk to and has one of the most creative set of eyes. Her mind is constantly thinking about the next perfect shot. She has always made me feel extremely relaxed and I have never once felt embarrassed to pose in a certain way in front of her. The pictures she has taken are so special to me and have always been so beautifully done.

She is extremely responsive to all communication efforts and is extremely efficient in getting your photos back to you. Within 24 hours I had about 20-30 "sample" photos and it only took another couple of days to get the thousands of other pictures she took to be edited and sent to me. I love the photos of us in the barn, anticipating one of the first kisses as husband and wife. My favorite picture is the two of us in the woods. It's extremely romantic, like something out of a fairy-tale, and I believe that she should send it to a wedding magazine to be published.

Danielle has a way of blending into the commotion of it all. That's why we love her- she captures the reality of the situation, she isn't their to stage you. She's real, creative, and passionate of what she does and she captures that with each snap of her camera. She was even their to help when things weren't going as planned- such as helping me to bustle my dress, and aiding one of my bridesmaids fix her hair. She is great with coming up with portraits that you don't see all of the time- something that makes YOUR day truly special.

This may sound arrogant, but honestly when I see photos of other weddings, I am so happy I chose barden photography. Every photographer has their own style, but Danielle's has always been my favorite. She is direct, she keeps the photos (and party) going, she isn't afraid to take risks, she is creative and I can promise you she will capture your special day in the most beautiful way.

Spencer and I can't be happier with the photos of our wedding. Danielle captured every little perfect moment to make looking back on the best day of our life effortless. She was their to stage us during the portraits but otherwise she blended in and did what she does best. Our friends and family who were invited to the wedding raved about her creativity and her artistic flare. She has a calming nature about her, she is kind, compassionate, and truly knows what she is doing.

Melissa - September 2017
We loved having Danielle as our photographer! She captured every beautiful moment from that day. She is confident and funny and makes you feel beautiful in her pictures. My favorite picture she took from that day was my husband's face when he saw me walking down the aisle. That was the look I was waiting to see, the look of pure love. And she caught it. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else capturing one of the happiest days of my life. Thank you Danielle!! I hope to have you capture our family in the future!

Mikaela - August 2017
My favorite photo from our wedding has to be EVERY SINGLE ONE! Seriously, Danielle does a great job catching every moment, from the structured shots to the moments where you are not aware she is taking pictures! The one picture from our wedding which stands out is the one of my husband and I walking back from taking pictures on the pier, this picture truly shows how happy we were on our special day.

Danielle made us feel more than comfortable. She was there in the hotel before our wedding, in communication long before our wedding and was great with everyone. Danielle has a way with her when it comes to connecting with people. Our families are not the best listeners and she was great about "getting" them together to take family pictures

Of course I plan on using Danielle once we start a family! I live in Auburn, NY and Danielle is in PA, the fact that I want her to capture our lives and she is willing to capture our lives is very meaningful to us. Danielle is not just our wedding photographer, but our life photographer. I reached out to her the moment I had a wedding date saved. Her point of view behind the camera captures your moments with passion and love. People still today loves our photos and comment about the beauty of our wedding photos!

Carrie - August 2015
I LOVED all our wedding photos! When picking a favorite, there are so many to choose from but the one that I keep coming back to is a picture of my husband and I leaving the church with his hand on my back. There is something about this picture that seems elegant and classic.

Danielle did great working with us and all my crazy ideas! We were able to get all the formal shots I wanted and had time to run all over getting amazing pictures throughout Wellsboro. Then, there were the candids from the reception that had us rolling. I so happy with how our memories turned out.

Danielle works great with everyone!!

Danielle - May 2018
I knew I wanted Danielle as my photographer before I was even engaged! I loved all of the photos she took on my wedding day. But if I had to pick ONE favorite, Danielle was so accommodating with my wish to have photos with my golden retriever before the ceremony. They are pictures I will cherish FOREVER!

Danielle is very flexible, if something in the schedule didn’t go as planned she had an immediate plan B for me. She got so many candids during the reception that I can relive it every time I go through the album!

Not long after my wedding, I received ALL of my photos to share with friends and family. I had Danielle for 8 WHOLE hours on my big day.

Danielle is like family! She knew my vision even before I could tell her! She made my entire bridal party feel like we’ve known her for years!

Megan - August 2015
Danielle was BEYOND great with making everyone feel comfortable on our wedding day. She went above and beyond. She not only captured AMAZING photos, she kept my lipstick in her back pocket for when I needed a touch up!! She helped pin my train up for the reception, she went along with my crazy requests and SO much more!

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE fell in love with her. She was so easy to approach and she is up for anything!

Just a couple days after our wedding she had a sneak peek ready for us to view. SO quick! Shortly after, I received ALL my photos! Of course they are ALL amazing. She is truly talented!

Brianna - September 2017
Danielle was absolutely amazing!

I absolutely LOVED ALL of our photos!! She went above and beyond to make sure she got as many photos as possible!

Danielle wasn’t disruptive at all! Honestly, I forgot she was there during the ceremony and the reception. She only approached us when she wanted certain photos like the rings and the cake cutting. She is truly an artist!

Danielle wasn’t pushy or demanding! She commands the group well without over doing it! She let us do any type of photo we wanted! She made us laugh and had conversation with all of us!

Sarahjo - August 2018
Danielle is an absolutely amazing Photographer!

It would be extremely hard to pick out ONE favorite wedding photo. All of them are amazing and she captured every detail! I love all of them and love that she took pictures that I asked for. She truly has a gift!

Danielle doesn't disrupt the day at all, she blends right in and we didn't even notice that she was there during the ceremony. She took a lot of pictures, candids, action shots, and portraits. Every SINGLE one came out beautifully. She has such a talent for capturing such beautiful moments that take your breath away.

Danielle makes you feel comfortable, so comfortable that you don't even realize that she is there. She is very professional and compassionate. She goes above and beyond! She even put my earrings in because I was having a problem with my fake nails. I highly recommend her, you will be impressed!

Karen - October 2018
It is really hard to pick a favorite. There is a close up of my husband and I where we are just about to kiss which I love, there is also a great photo with my bridesmaids where Danielle posed us like the poster from the movies Bridesmaids which is hysterical. She did a great job of capturing our entire HUGE wedding party in each photo

Danielle did not disrupt our day at all, in fact I would say that she helped move it along more smoothly. There were a few times when I was getting ready that I looked to her for advice. She got great photos of our ceremony while still sitting with the rest of our guests. Her assistant, Adam, also did a great job and I know that my husband and his groomsmen felt comfortable with him as well. Danielle is really friendly, personable, and natural. I think all of us felt like we could be ourselves around her and Adam. They helped make our day great!!

Katie - July 2012
My absolute favorite wedding photo was a family photo of my husband, myself, our two beautiful little girls, and our american bulldog named Meaty who sat with us and posed perfectly for the picture. Both of my daughters were looking because Danielle promised to let my oldest take a picture with her camera if she smiled pretty for a few pictures and she did. It was a great picture and now all of my family wants a copy of it!

Danielle was excellent as pointing out little details that many of us in the wedding party would not have noticed, like for instance she took my hair band off of my wrist. I always have one there so I would not have thought about that, but I surely would have noticed it in photos. She definitely did not disrupt my day in any way. Her experience improved it! There were numerous candid, action, and portrait photographs that my family and I adore. I can't wait for huge canvas prints to hang all over my house!

Danielle made my family and myself feel comfortable because we have known Danielle through her photography business for close to 4 years now. She was the photographer at my sisters wedding, then our family had a few photo sessions with her, and I had a maternity session, and newborn session so I was extremely excited to have Danielle be part of my wedding day as well. The day was beautiful. The location was beautiful. My bridesmaids were beautiful. My daughters in their flower girl dresses were also beautiful. Danielle captured every moment beautifully. I am excited to have these photographs, memories, moments captured in time displayed on my walls at home. I look forward to having Danielle capture more beautiful family moments together in the future.

Kelly - September 2012
I had so many favorite photos, like most of Danielle's clients, it was hard to choose! However, I narrowed it down to three. First, I love the photo of my husband, Jay, and I on the rock at the park. The colors are incredibly vibrant and the angle captures the moment in such a way that it leaves me breathless. The second favorite among my many favorites was the photo that we chose for our canvas print. Jay and I are kissing in the front of the photo with our wedding party looking on at us in the background. Danielle fit our party of ten in between the triangular formation effortlessly. In this photo, Danielle captured the feeling of delight that surrounded Jay and I that day. Finally, I absolutely LOVED the black and white shot of our nephews in the back of the truck. With their tiny hands stretched over the sides of the truck in their tuxedos they look like little men. Danielle was able to catch one of Tommy’s many playful faces in her lens. Jay and I laugh aloud each time we see this photo, we know they’ll see the humor in it one day, too.

Danielle was extremely professional. She came a little early and was prepared with a list of photo ideas and subjects that I'd discussed with her prior to the big day. The portraits were beautiful, many exceeded my expectations. There are many awesome candids and action shots that truly exemplify Danielle's creativity, experience, and talent. Danielle made us feel comfortable by being prepared and having confidence. She had a positive attitude and a fabulous sense of humor. Seeing her previous work was also true testament of her talent!

Noell - August 2012
I can't even pick a favorite wedding photo! There are way more than just ONE photo that I love! Danielle is TRULY talented and has a gift for capturing those PERFECT pictures that you WISH you could get (especially of our daughter)! If I had to pick just ONE of Tony & I, it would be the one where we were walking in the field across the street from our home hand in hand. In that moment she said "just walk and be yourself", so Tony whispered something to me in his famous British accent and we both started laughing! She CAUGHT IT! It was just a little moment that I would've probably forgotten, but because she captured it, I will FOREVER remember it! I couldn't be happier!

Danielle couldn't disrupt your day, because she just radiants positive vibes! It's almost like she's a long lost friend and you're so HAPPY she's there on your big day. She was amazing with all of our guests and whenever they wanted her to snap their picture, she was right there for them! The one thing I absolutely LOVE about Danielle, is that she knows how much we adore our daughter. This wasn't just our big day, but hers too! She took SO many pictures of our daughter and the other kids dancing the night away, and I love EVERY SINGLE ONE! She caught her twirling and twirling. Those pictures are the most precious to me! I had every single guest tell me how AMAZING, FRIENDLY, KIND, and TALENTED she was! Everyone adored her and couldn't WAIT to see what she captured!

We have a pretty big family, all Italians at that! So we can be a rowdy bunch. And not one of us knows how to pose for a picture! My husband and I are usually quite shy and laid back, especially if there's a camera out! She made us feel so comfortable with ourselves that it was like I didn't even realize we were getting our pictures taken. She helped us all pose, and was extremely patient and just had a way of making you feel comfortable! She knows how much our Dylan means to us and 100% of our attention goes on her. Dylan (our daughter) remembered Danielle from our previous session with her, but she just has a way with children (because most are usually shy and run from the camera) that they would just warm up to her quite quickly and let her snap away. Our families LOVED her and LOVE her pictures. They will now ALL have Barden Photography work ALL OVER their walls! AMAZING!

Heather - December 2011
I have looked through my wedding photos countless times since Danielle shared the album with me and I still have yet to pick a favorite. I LOVE the photos with my bridesmaids and I showing off our boots, I LOVE the shots of my husband and I with our cows, and I LOVE the photos of our bridal party in the cow barns. I seriously cannot pick just one because each time I look though them I fall in love with another one. Danielle was great at getting beautiful shots while allowing our guests to have full vision of our wedding as well. In my opinion, Barden Photography excels in posed/portrait style photos the most and also does an excellent job with candid/action shots. Danielle graciously brought along a second shooter for no charge and even stayed a bit past the time she was scheduled to leave to ensure I got all of the shots that I wanted! Danielle worked amazingly with our family. She introduced herself to our families and the bridal party and made sure that everyone had the photos taken that they requested. Throughout the entire day Danielle had a smile on her face, was very friendly, and definitely professional. Danielle is AMAZING with children! Our flower girl is very shy about meeting new people, but Danielle was able to gain her trust and capture amazing shots of her. Also, our ring bearer was very energetic and Danielle did a perfect job working with him.

Janice - September 2014
Wow! I absolutely LOVED all of my wedding pictures! Not just one but all! If I had to choose and narrow it down, my favorite would be our family photo! The one of Josh and I in the winery basement with their huge wine barrels is another favorite! During dinner, Danielle took us out in the sunset and took these silhouette shots that were stunning!! Love them!

Our three year old little boy was staring at us on the dance floor as we did our first dance and did not move. He didn't know to cry or scream or laugh, he just stared as we danced our first dance together as husband and wife! Danielle captured this shot perfectly! It was adorable!! Danielle didn't to help wherever it was needed. She captured all the perfect moments! She's amazing!

Danielle is just a genuine, kind person and you can tell by the way she helped and listened and was so caring about our photos. She was so polite and friendly to everyone. We had a huge bridal party and EVERYONE had nothing but nice words to say about Danielle! You can tell she cares and loves what she does!! I have been in 4 weddings in the past two years and a lot of my girlfriends have been disappointed with their wedding photos. I was nervous, I won't lie, but I talked with her up until the wedding and he just knew exactly what I wanted! She nailed every shot I asked for and was so creative with her ideas, everyone was stunned! Danielle, I can't thank you enough for your hard work! You are an inspiration!

Katelyn - May 2014
I have to pick just one favorite photo?? There were several to choose from as she had so many good shots! Being in my wedding and having a second shooter to help out definitely decreased the selection of the shots that I had to go through, but I think I can pick 3 of my faves: There is a close up of my husband and me where we are about to kiss. There is just something about that photo that I LOVE! My second favorite would be one of the 2 of us dancing, she truly captured the happiness of the day in that shot. And I love the shot of all of the guys showing off their funky socks that were a wedding day gift from Scott. There are more I could list, but I feel that these are top slots for sure!

Being friends for so long, I had to put Danielle in the position of being in my wedding and doing my photos. I just couldn't bring myself to choose between the two as they both were so important to me. She found a trusted fellow photog and friend to come help do photos where Danielle just couldn't do it being in the wedding party. I never once saw Megan in the background during the days' festivities. Her and Danielle were both so well at getting people to be where they needed to be with the posed shots and did such a great job getting those candid shots as well.

Being long time friends (we met in her first semester in college) she knew most of my family already. We all love her! And Megan just fit right on in as well. It's like I had known her just as long as Danielle.

Trudy - October 2011
It's impossible to pick one favorite photo, I have about 50! The one that first took my breath away was a candid that Danielle snapped as my husband and I were walking down the aisle after being pronounced man and wife. My youngest brother reached out to squeeze my arm, and I smiled at him. The moment passed so quickly, but Danielle captured it. I love the one of Kevin and I on the couch in the lobby. We look relaxed and comfortable, and the whole look of the photo is stunning. In another, we are sitting on the front steps of the church and he is kissing my forehead. The perspective of the shot shows the whole large cross on the front of the church. I love that you can see the beauty of the church. I also love the many detail shots she took, especially my shoes in the sunrise, and the bridal portraits in front of the stained glass in the church. I could go on and on and on. I love the photos so much! And I have had tons of people comment that my wedding photos are the most beautiful they have ever seen!

Danielle is a true professional. She was always where she needed to be to get the perfect shot, but you almost never noticed her. She's so likable that it's like having another close friend experiencing your wedding day with you, and she's great at getting everyone where they need to be to capture great photos in a small amount of time. I think her strengths as a photographer are many, but I was especially impressed with her attention to the little details and her ability to make any setting look stunning.

I have known Danielle forever since we grew up in the same church, so I felt instantly comfortable with her. It was great to see an old friend! I was incredibly impressed with how she got everyone else to feel comfortable too. She was so flexible with the portraits and timing that nobody felt rushed or under pressure. She was so calm and helpful and willing to lend a hand in any way possible, all while capturing beautiful candids, portraits, and detail shots. Everyone from the bridal party to the extended family commented about how wonderful Danielle was. A Barden Photography wedding is worth every penny!

Carla - October 2011