Danielle has been awesome to work with. With a shy, crying two year old and a sleeping baby, she was so understanding and patient with us. She is really easy going and easy to talk to, so it's not awkward, like some experiences we've had before. She has also gotten our pictures to us very quickly, so you don't have to wait long to see them. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing a photographer.

Danielle is the BEST photographer in this area. We have experimented with a few different photographers and we always come back to Danielle. She always knows exactly what to do and the pictures always turn out phenomenal! Over the years, Danielle has photographed me as a senior in high school to my maternity pictures with my second child and everything in between! We absolutely love her and definitely recommend her to anyone!

I had Danielle take both newborn and family pictures. I was so happy with the pictures from both sessions. Danielle was able to pick up on my style almost immediately. Danielle was very patient and accommodating to the needs of everyone. My daughter’s newborn pictures are something I will treasure forever. Our family pictures also turned out gorgeous! Danielle took such beautiful, vibrant fall pictures. I will definitely use Danielle for future pictures!

I've been with Danielle since 2010 and I will continue to come back to her for a number of reasons. I love her photography and consider her the best photographer around. Her photos cover my walls and I'm proud to tell everyone I know that she's our family photographer when they say "Wow, who took that?!" I know I'm not going to get only 20 photos back on a CD.

I don't think I've ever gotten less than 150 photos from any photo shoot. $200 photoshoot for 100 or more BEAUTIFUL photos. That's incredible!!! Personally, I know of no reputable photographer besides her that does that. She's extremely chill during the shoot and probably one of the most personable people I know. She always makes you comfortable and just goes with the flow. Love that!

Thank you Danielle for providing us with gorgeous photos we get to enjoy for a lifetime.

Danielle has been our family photographer for over 4 years! We found Barden Photography after having our son, Ethan. That day she took my breath away with some of the shots she got of our kids! After seeing the final results of our photos, I knew there would be no reason to ever go to anyone else. She was wonderful with our shy little girl and has always been able to get a smile out of our serious little man! I have Barden Photography work blown up all over our home and I always will!

Every session with us becomes a favorite. I still love the photos from our first session as much as the ones from our most recent! I am so excited for our upcoming session. It will be our first Christmas session in a couple years and our first session in our new home! Thank you Danielle for capturing these beautiful photos of our family, we love them and I know they are something that can be passed down for many, many years!!

I was very excited 5 years ago when we booked Danielle for our wedding. She definitely didn't disappoint. She took timeless photos that I love to look back on and remember my special day. She worked so well, that we didn't even know she was there. She took such beautiful pictures! I could not pick a favorite picture. She got some great candid moments that I will cherish forever.

Flash forward to a few months ago, I was ecstatic when my husband surprised me with a photography session with Danielle! She took some photos for my son's first birthday and our first professional family photo. They are gorgeous. She has a great eye. Lots of people can take photos with a digital camera, but she has the artistic eye to capture the moment. She was so flexible because the day of our photo session it rained and she was able to take our photos the next day. I can't wait until our next session!

Danielle has done a total of 3 photo shoots for my family over the years, from a fun full family shoot, to a lovely and memorable maternity shoot, and most recently a shoot with only our 3 kiddos. I absolutely treasure the pictures she's been able to capture and they will always be kept near and dear to my heart. I cannot thank her enough for providing us with these forever memories!

Danielle has been my family’s photographer for just about 3 years now. She is as loyal to her clients as her clients are to her. Danielle was in the midst of a maternity leave when my son’s 2-year pictures were coming up. I was heartbroken to think that we would have to turn to someone else. I had resigned myself to the fact that I needed to work on contacting another photographer when I received a message from Danielle. She knew the date was approaching and she offered to still shoot the session for us. I was so thankful and so relieved.

I’m also thankful for Danielle’s patience in getting an uncooperative toddler to sit still long enough to capture great images. Sessions that might not get off to a great start always end up with “frame worthy” shots. The fact that we receive all of the images from our sessions also makes Danielle’s work a great value. Danielle always finds a slot for us on her calendar and I’m happy to know I will have great shots of my family for years to come.

I have known Danielle for ten years and have had the pleasure of being photographed by her many times! Danielle took my engagement photos, was my wedding photographer, and is the only person my husband and daughter will let take our family photos! Danielle has this ease about her that makes you feel like you have known her forever (although I have!) and has the ability to capture the genuine spirit of each person at the end of her lens.

Our photos taken by Danielle are displayed all throughout our home, and the sight of them brings me right back to the moment in time when it was taken. My family chooses Danielle year after year not because she can set up a good pose for a nice picture, but because she captures a moment in time of who we are and the love that we share. I will forever be grateful for the memories she has captured and will look forward to our sessions for many years to come.

Honestly, it was hard to justify paying money for pictures of our newborn son. We knew we wanted pictures taken but didn't know if we should just have someone cheaper (and unexperienced) take them because, hey, they were just newborn pictures. Anyone could take them and they would all be the same, right?!? WRONG! We decided to give Danielle a chance because all of her work that we have looked at in the past is amazing! We knew we wouldn't be disappointed. OH. MY. WORD. She exceeded our expectations and we are amazed by every picture! She was patient, caring and very gentle! She captured every moment and each picture is amazing! I would never pick another photographer! Danielle is amazing at what she does and truly has a passion for it! Thank you Danielle!!

When pregnant with our first baby, my husband and I were looking for a photographer to capture one of the most important moments in our lives. I could never have imagined that a referral from a friend would start such a wonderful relationship with Danielle. She has captured so many great moments in our sons first three years and last May, she shot the maternity photos for our daughter.

We have so many beautiful photos because of Danielle and we could never thank her enough for these priceless gifts. Three years ago we met our “photographer” Danielle, but from that point on, she has become our “friend."